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Right2water foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to
providing clean and safe drinking water in underdeveloped rural areas

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We believe water is for everyone

Since our establishment, we deeply understand how devastating the water crisis is, and we have had only one goal: providing water to anyone in need. The poor suffer every day spending hours collecting water. We want to end this vicious cycle, as water is everyone's basic need.
The water crisis is huge, and we believe only by providing safe 
and clean drinking water, we can change the lives of
785 billion people - one in every 10 of us. 

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We guarantee to provide safe drinking water - and more

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Clean water improves health of the underprivileged

We provide relief in drought-affected & dirty water areas

water purifiers distributed to rural areas are efficient & function without electricity


Meet the team

Dhawal Trivedi

"I've seen the adversity first hand. The painful suffering people go through is outrageous. It breaks my heart to know that the village my parents come from, and many villages like theirs are still under the ordeal of contaminated water. Actions are being taken, but they are too small to cause a change. India and many third-world countries have more villages than cities. Many of these villages don't have adequate facilities. All I wish is to reach them and provide them relief as soon as possible."

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Just as every drop comes together to create an ocean, each helping hand adds immense value  to the goals of Right2water.

If you are passionate about changing the lives of people, bringing a smile to someone's face, being remembered in someone's prayers, to give back to society, we would like to shake hands with you to make a better world around us. Turning a blind eye isn't the solution. 

We are one click apart. 

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